Dearest People-Who-Are-Angry-Other-People-May-Be-Assuming jaredleto is-Gay-Because-of-What-He-Said-and-Sang-in-the-Most-Recent-FreeVyRT:

1) I hope you realize by having irrational anger over some people assuming Jared Leto might be into men and feeling like you need to “defend him” from these assumptions is basically stating that you feel someone assuming someone might be gay is the very worst thing that could happen to that person. Ergo, being gay is the worst thing ever. Ergo, gay people should be ashamed of themselves.

2) I hope you realize you are assuming he is straight. Which, all those people you’re angry with for just making what you refer to as an assumption about him could turn this shit right back on you.

3) your 1) + 2) shit is actually really offending me and would probably really offend Mr. Leto if he were to see it, since if you are a fan of his, should know he has always been vehemently in support of the Human Rights Campaign, MARRIAGE EQUALITY, Gay Rights, Gender Equality, Just GODDAMN EQUALITY IN GENERAL and often times very vocally on multiple VeryPublic occasions has used his public platform (The GODDAMN OSCARS) to express that he feels apart of the LGBT Community. So….

4) Take a Xanax, put on “Dallas Buyers Club” or, better yet, “A Beautiful Lie” and keep your homophobia to yourselves.

Hugs & Kisses,

p.s. feel free to hate on me for this – it just makes you look uglier and more hateful which is not a good look on anyone. (Rayon Voice) Too-da-loo.

*including famous ones who’ve always stated they don’t believe in labels and if were interested in a man would probably follow thru and also happen to be heart-stirringly, soul-quakingly stunning both inside & out and whose name sounds sort of like Bared Meto.


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