literally living for this insane impromptu-umbrella-parade following La Leto’s showstopping appearance at Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 presentation at Paris Fashion Week.i oscillate between swooning and side-eyeing over how adorbs he is posing with these kids and yet subtly but clearly using them only for their (terrible) umbrellas.

like to the point where he basically tries to take the one girl’s mickey mouse umbrella out of her hand and when she refuses, she instantly transitions into a Fozworth Bentley to his Puff Daddy. like they were both living their lives separately for decades, only to eventually end up together in this moment.
like it was all meant to be:

she is basically my hero forevs for keeping a tight grip on that mickey umbrella. the only thing i love more than people giving into jaré…is when people do not give into jaré.

omfg that little wave to the camera shatters my soul.

how much would you die to be pushed up against him by that streetpole while he awkwardly tries to get someone on the phone to come and pick him up? 

like he’s junior-high-me at the mall following a silly fight with junior-high-friends.

or last-week-me at the mall. not following a silly fight, but just rideless.
i need a car, you guys.

like, i literally love that at one point to suspend the picture taking for a SECOND, he looks at his phone and goes: (tiny voice) “hi…..” bringing it up to his ear – and then silence. because no one was really there. because he had to call them. but homegirl playin like his phone was just ringing off the hook, you know, cause he’s just jared, leaving a get-together with karl, wearing sample size off the goddamn runway women’s gold tweed chanel jeans and women’s pink calfskin boots, just hanging out in the parisian rain.

oh, jared. i know all your tricks.

luckily someone answered his call and and we are blessed with this:

which, i can guarantee is like 2.2 seconds infintitely more glamorous than all 11 minutes of supermodels swathed in F/W 2014 Chanel ponystomping down the runway.

but someone must really just j’adore us (okay, maybe it’s just me) cause this orgasmic moment of him looking utterly amazing, the well-behaving ombré moving poetically with his walk despite what must be 100138% humidity, has to immediately be followed by thissssssssss:

like. i basically love him more and more with every moment his seemingly-impermeable perfection is faceblasted with a wholelotta awkward.
it’s like my favorite part of him. 

but a leto-sighting wouldn’t ever be complete without his strut past a flock of frat-looking bros resulting in their blatant need for an insanely-obvious double-take and follow-thru. cause despite that being a weirdly-beardly-leto that just ponystomped by them like Naomi Campbell in her mother-lovin’ heyday, dem stems in those chanel jeans accentuating every curve is gonna lead to a lot of sudden onset sexual confusion.
it’s just a thing that happens in his presence.

these boys now know this.

and you know and i know, they will never, ever forget that strut down that street on that rainy afternoon in Paris.

p.s. fuck you StormShadow.


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