hi hi hi

minds-echos : if he’s not a Late-Lucy and we trust his timestamp (sorta) Deepak Chopra posted it to his Instagram today. I’m apt to believe it.

In between writing & recording an album, getting some much deserved rest, sunning his unf’ness, prepping for a bit of an international babytour, prolly editing Great Wide Open, promoting VyRT stuff, running 87 companies, minding his investments, keeping calm & dying his hair pink, our boyf is churning out his “Beyond the Horizon” interviews for his AOL series. Which, tingles.

I say interviews because I’m guessing yesterday’s surprise special letoguest, Mark Romanek, will be featured in an upcoming episode. Dude’s portfolio is basically Jared’s wetdreams, so, it makes sense he’d wanna talk to him. Anyways. Yes. Put this all in my eyes now…

Howevs, yes, iawabq, I unfortunately agree.

Like, yes, for sure – we can pretty much all wholeheartedly agree Jarè is basically the world’s most-photogenic individual and is probably part supreme-being/advanced-creature from a not so distant world where the prettiest people never age and always look like they have the skin of a baby made of silk and cotton candy and wonderment. That said, this picture to me, as someone who literally lives for looking upon his face and body in all sorts of manner – both beautiful, adorable, sultry, artistic, dark, awkward – was literally nightmarefuel.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly. Maybe the filter or lighting (too pinkish (which I NEVER thought I’d ever find myself saying in reference to him), that bright light faceblasting him – in the way i don’t prefer seeing him get faceblasted, i.e. the non-sexy way); the awkward pose (Deepak kinda just sitting, as you do, Jared all angled up in there like he’s Jared Leto on the Oscar’s red carpet); that TOP (which is giving me Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Junior”/Whoopi Goldberg in the 90s Realness); the disparateness to their faces (again, Deepak being all Deepak’ish, chill, smiling, relaxed; Jared being all Jared’ish – like mouth open, pointing excitedly bright, huge eyes) that makes me feel like seconds after the pic was taken, Tilda Swinton maybe ate that chill dude’s face off because of excitement or meth; and the fact he is SO clean-shaven, STILL, that he looks like a 10yr old who stole a shirt from his hippy-grandad’s closet to sing along to Boys 2 Men songs in the bathroom mirror one rainy October afternoon cause “Saved By The Bell” was a rerun.

…There is something just uncanny-valley about it. Like, something just enough “off” that it feels…weird.

Anyways. You can also feel Jared’s extreme enthusiasm and genuine thrill in meeting & talking with Deepak and I love it. Jared’s energy and presence radiates like nothing else ever. When he’s into something, YOU are in-to itttt. When he’s not, YOU cannot unsee it. I’ve been able to witness both sides, up-close and I always say that for being one of the best contemporary actors working, he would make the very worst poker player. That boy cannot hide a GD thing in his face nor his eyes. Hahah. I love it so much.

But yes, thankleto this is only one, (unfortunate) second captured awkwardly on Deepak’s Instagram account (and hopefully that shirt burst into flames just moments after the picture was taken and sizzled off Jared’s bonkers-bod in seconds leaving him completely unscathed, and half-nakey and glistening because of magic and So-California sunshine) and is at all no foretaste to what will undoubtedly be a moving and inspiring and thought-provoking discussion between two individuals who think and conceptualize from a different level than most.

No, but really, that shirt is literally so distracting, in a very sad way, that whoever told him it was a “go” needs to “go”. Looooooove, me. xoxo

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