May we all end up with Jared Leto in our laps at some point in our lives….

I literally want to bear this guy, Steven Smith’s “Untitled Rock Show”-children – if only because his dick was up against dat ass for an extended period of time (no, but really, Jared stays on that lap for like the next 15mins, like MULTIPLE commercial breaks).
Meaning, our children would be born having been basically blessed by God.

We shall name them:
Grows When Caressed Smith-La-Leto and Dont Get Cocky Smith-La-Leto.

They will mature to be high-functioning hipsters, after having gone through an extensive emo phase. 

p.s. watching clips of these two over the years….. I’m like 109028394278.97% certain Jarè was carrying a massive torch for Steven (ifyaknowwhatimean) *wink*earlobe rub*wink*.

B R E A K I N G  L E T O  U P D A T E!


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