I wish only wellness and I’m super-sad to see them at this place again….

But – I honestly can’t help but think back on how Jared had such a severe staph infection in his lungs that it forced a constant cough complete with blood, wrecking his vocal chords and keeping him from breathing in deep, for basically an entire year. For anyone, not only the lead singer but the only singer of a band to go through that for nearly an entire year – is unimaginable. Yet he somehow managed to pull it together to front the stage, basically every night. For a year.

He knew people around him were reliant on the show going on – so they could earn a living. Sure, what he was able to give wasn’t always the best show of his career, but still, he showed up.

Whatever the medical issue is – I sincerely hope Shan is getting the help he needs.

Be well. xo

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