Credits to @Javivivealimite on Twitter

These are upsetting me.

….just me or nah?

Like, if dude is giving you these looks…please just let him be?

don’t let your camera-roll become my next letomeme:

I agree with La la-leto He’s too polite to say go away, but you can tell hes not comfortable

He can barely ever say no – especially with women/girls.

Like, people need to be better at reading body-language, and learning some Leto-quette cause he is totally shutting down right there at dinner. And breaking my gd heart.
Even JR is like, “come onnnnnnn.”

I have seen him give the hand (but, like actually) and tell a guy “NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME” but that was when he was actually visibly upset, alone in this little alcove, (and forever burned into my mind) and this braindead dudebro walked up shouting: “oh man! I’m a huge fannnn! Like, “Requiem”, right??? Can I get a pic, man??“ And I’m pretty sure he didn’t know Jared’s name. Ugh. Humans.


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