photo: by Zach Cordner for  Revolver magazine – on Instagram (X)

#tbt my shoot with actor-turned-rocker Jared Leto for Revolver Magazine and yes, that is a loaded glock that he brought to our shoot.


Revolver Interview – Jared Leto

How lucky can one guy be? If you’re Jared Leto, the answer is, very. For one thing, with roles in Fight Club, Panic room, and Requiem for a Dream under his belt, he already has a successful film career underway. For another, he dates Cameron Diaz, one of the hottest women on the planet (and no slouch as an actor herself).And finally, his band, 30 Seconds to Mars-which features his brother Shannon on drums, Matt Wachter on bass, and Solon Bixler on keys and guitar- has been riding high on the strength of it’s self-titled major-label debut on Virgin/Immortal. We caught up with Leto during a short lull in his breakneck schedule, and he gave us the lowdown on his favorite smart guy, cell phone, and gun, and on how he dances with wolves.

Favorite Summertime Activity
“I like to go for long drives in the desert, find a quiet spot, and blast my f***in’ glock.”

Favorite Cell Phone
His suitcase phone: “It’s one of the first cell phones. It’s like a briefcase: You open it up and there’s the phone. It’s so big that it might as well be a pay phone you carry on your back, though it does get a great signal.”

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What a fucking psycho.
I luff him.

Also: “Beyond the Horizon”-much?
Favorite Science Book

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies by Jared Diamond: “It’s about the history of mankind, really-why certain civilizations advance, technology. It gives you an idea why things are the way they really are.”


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