This is one of those moments, when you think of the person who captured this – who was standing there and hearing so intimately, Jared reopen old wounds and there is a slight smile, perfectly faint, but there nonetheless, and the lighters dotting little burning flames above & around him – and they’re surrounding him; so beautifully, framing him, that you feel completely transported. To these minutes in Antwerp in 2011, to maybe-Morocco in 2003; and the song has changed over the years, really – tho it’s the same words, the same chords – it’s evolved, softened, aged, and perhaps it’s all because the man who will take it out and show it off every now and then, has evolved, softened, aged, and hearing it, watching him relive it – you think, yea, it always did kind of sound like a lullaby.

via fixed4u on YouTube


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