Haha! His walking snaps are just pointless… 😂 

But gotta love him for loving those damn sneakers for all these years!


The Shoes.

I def feel like he must go thru multiple pairs of these sneaks a year.

With the amount of walking & strutting that man does on stage and off in those Onitsuka Tiger Asics….If they were the same pair they’d be just little rubber bits between his toes by now.

Same with the Zadigs. Those things were trashed after Coachella in 2014 year, yet they turned up in Europe looking pretttty sleek.

Yea, the intense silence he prefers in his Snaps is infuriating. Espesh when you know he’s around people. Do you think he’s like: “Ok, I’m about to Snapchat this used Kleenex on this hiking trail – can you like not say anything for like 8-10 seconds?? Like not even a cough or sneeze. I don’t want to have to reshoot.”


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