I love how back then when he would have to sing this song (because he would have to sing this song) he would sort of rock himself as he did; like probably partly to keep the path of the song, to not get lost in some sort of haze of memories and what spurred the darkest of these lyrics, and partly a sort of self-soothing sway – to make it through a song that’s vocally a challenge and just emotionally devastating. And not only this rocking, back & forth, but the lack of light; it’s a choice, obvs, that single light sort of backlighting him, his outline barely made out from the dark before him and the dark behind him, his face only lit up by a random camera flash – his eyes closed tight. And it feels so unbearable to have to listen and barely see, to know the deliberate lighting decision, to realize for someone so unafraid to be so out-there in front of everyone, night after night, he would want to sing this song from the shadows. Maybe it was the only way he could imagine having to make it through it, night after night.

Now that I’ve heard it, I may actually prefer “A Modern Myth” on electric.

From 1/28/2008 – Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. via daEvans06 on YouTube, xo.


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