Oh but the grey strands look hoooooooooot! 😘

I love his calico beard.

He’s had grey (or white/blonde) in his beard since 2003 – you can see em when Hephaistion had to go scruffy.

He knows it, he doesn’t hide it.

I think he’s keeping clean purely for this aesthetic he’s tryna work right now. The slicked back pink hair. It’s all very overtly futuristic, modern. Last summer was all about being a vegan hippie on the road. This summer (now fall) it’s all about the fuuuuuuture of facial hair which is minimalist chic. So be sure to tune in to “Beyond the Horizon with Jared Leto” for all your future needs, starring Jared Leto, produced by Jared Leto, created and directed by Jared Leto for your viewing pleasure brought to you by AOL and in part, Mars Is Coming Condoms, “don’t even think about coming without us”….Tuesdays at all day, all night.

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