was i the only one excited to see Miss Ruby Aldridge make an appearance on Jared’s snapchat?

for all the models he’s had in his life, Ruby was the only one who legit made sense as to why she was a close galpal for soooo many years…

1) she’s so bizarrely bonkers
(clearly she just happened to actually be at the NY Comic Con, in cosplay. like, and they legit prob just ran into one another at NY Comic Con. while she was in cosplay. love her)

2) she’s always been in the same circles as he was/is(?)

3) she tends to give Shelley-Duvall-in-The-Shining Realness, which, well, we know Jared’s feels on that film…


like, i think he was probs mainly into her for #3.
that legit makes the most sense. like his own personal Wendy.


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