“One of the six T-shirts Jared bought depicted Batman pashing Robin… ”

I’ve seen a couple different versions of this popular theme, but I’m guessing one like this –

because of the Terry Richardson photo.

Alternately, another possible explanation might be that Jared has been a hardcore Batman/Robin shipper for years.


Paddo style for funky Jared 
The Courier-Mail
September 07, 2007

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so fucking hot. if only we could get a pic of the joker in that tee…
“Dear Santa…all i want for the day before Jared Leto’s birthday is….”

also. the full photo….or, the complimentary photo by Richardson involves dick. or, more accurately, dicks. obvs.

i think the thing that makes me giggle the most is the very-popular idea out there, based on years-old transgressions, that terry is a perv with girls….exclusively.

when if you’ve picked up any photo book of his – including the one where this image comes from (Terrywood) he’s making out with men, getting faceblasted, setting up shots like this, d’s on d’s on d’s, etc etc. And more than a few images, he published of course, exist out there of him in flagrante delicto with a few fully-functional transsexuals.

when jared discussed feeling his most himself around terry recently – a blurb from the press release for terry’s latest book series, “Portraits” and “Fashion”, it’s likely because this is a man who is beyond the norm regarding human behavior.

so anything jared may be into as a human being, sexually, is not gonna shock terry – nor is it gonna get jared saddled with an open letter of judgement.

and not that i adore the man or am his biggest apologist, but – at the end of the day, terry richardson is an artist. he may have made his name commercially as a photographer for fashion magazines, advertisement campaigns, etc. but that shit just paid bills. and clearly was a way for terry to continue to explore and pursue whatever the fuck he wanted to. i.e.  two men dressed up as Batman & Robin, their hands on each other’s d’s – just getting frisky in frame.

and if history has taught us anything: most artists? are fucking bizarro-weirdos with issues who are more-than-likely not going to be perfect angel people (because they’re human and) because they like to push buttons. could terry be a terrible person? yes. but could he also be a person with flaws and fuckups and needs and issues and maybe a bit desperate and insecure (despite showing off his (kinda impressive) d all the time? yea.

so, at the end of the day – while i totally don’t agree with or enjoy everything terry puts out there (but like, literally), i do enjoy what he does for jared – and that’s let him be himself for a bit. without judgement or expectations. and if he happens to get some of it on film? even better.


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