We can’t even with Jared Leto – we just want ONE EFFING OUNCE of his life! 

Who else do you know that can say they’ve been photographed in a fur stole by the infamous Terry Richardson, dressed as an Urban Cowboy, caught a b-ball game with David Beckham and got snapped in a sailor sandwich…all within in a month? We’ll answer that for you: No one. 

The Thirty Seconds To Mars singer continues his venture as the REAL Most Interesting Man In The World (take that, Mr. Dos Equis) by posing with some servicemen on the streets of NYC during Fleet Week. He shared the pic on his always-entertaining blog, Notes From The Outernet. For those who don’t know about Fleet Week, it’s an annual event when sailors dock in the Big Apple for a week and run the streets, causing some ladies to lose their ish. So it seems absolutely appropriate for Jared to also be a part of all the sexy mayhem. 

The only thing we wish: That it was Fleet Week every week. 

obvs he kept the party going through the night; he knew he looked so good that day.

like, you don’t just waste this look after your flash-mob (of 2 (well, 3 (including the ever-invisible-to-the-press-babu) people) fashion show in Kat Gallagher-designed his&her looks to drum up press, after he signed kat gallagher to be rep’d by the hive.

he knows what the paps like….

and that’s him in a side-less semi-sheer shirt being held together by a thin little piece of fabric:


i mean…. 


good-bye cruel, cruel world; you gifted us a forced-pap-walk with jared leto in this bondage-shirt, one lovely late-May late-afternoon in New York City, which made you just too beautiful to exist within any longer….adieu, adieu.



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