ummmmm, just me or is this not the most fucking-awkward and upsetting birfday dinner like ever?

like i forreals hope it was a helluva lot more exciting than the 9 seconds Sasha just had to snapchat…. cause ohmyleto.

Kevin (sasha’s climber-pal) is engaged at least.

Then we slide pan to Jamie, Chloe, Jared – all silent and on phones.
At least Jared appears to *maybe* be taking a pic of her bday cake. PLEASEDEARGODIHOPESO.

but honestly, this makes me feel bad.
if this is the shit you had to show us – what was the rest of the meal like??

bless jamie for at least trying to sing her a sultry happy birthday before it cut out… but it won’t ever be as sultrily beautiful a rendition as Jared’s version for babu…


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