I feel like Suicide Squad needs to go into hibernation for a bit…
The people just aren’t ready.

The fanboys are still bitter over some ink.
The filmguys are already calling it a fail (based on a preview and pics released from a film that wasn’t even halfway finished-filming yet).

I get that superhero/comic-stuff/geek-shit is built on the early buzz. But it’s like, sometimes when all you want is that early buzz – it backfires. 

And the more that’s released this far in advance, just gives loud trolls more and more ammunition to pick and tear down and tear apart.

Sometimes, just because it’s of a certain genre, doesn’t mean it needs to be treated of that genre. Listen, the only comic stuff I’ve ever gotten into has been Batman – and that’s only because of the directors (Burton and Nolan – like, do not even fucking mention Schumacher in my presence). I’m way more a filmnerd than a comic-nerd so, I get it, I know I’m out of my element here – but as someone that obsesses over film and understands advertising/marketing/etc – my main fear is that this film just doesn’t know what it is. Yet. And maybe that’s ok. Like, tons of directors make films that you’re like: whatthefuckamiwatchingrightnowomgilovethissomuch (stone, jonze, paul thomas anderson, wes anderson, gondry, malick, etc etc) – however, they’re not (if ever) made/marketed with the idea that this is for a summer-release, this is for the popcorn crowd. And being pushed into our eyeballs almost a year in advance.

Yes, the comic book fans will show up in droves.
Yes, this film will likely break 100 million dollars in its opening weekend.
But – this is still, at the end of the day – a film.
And there is always the possibility that this film becomes in Jared’s CV, one in which he gave a fantastical, hypnotizing, terrifyingly dark-humored performance… in a clunkishly-directed, confused-tone motion picture.

I was super-intrigued by Jared’s casting as The Joker, obvs, and I still am – because I know he has an inherent kinetic charisma that many actors just DO NOT. He radiates it – especially as he’s gotten older.
Am I particularly excited about the rumor that the actual uber-villain in Suicide Squad was given to a 23-year old newbie to the silverscreen, whose most recognizable work is in a magazine fashion spread? Not so much.
Am I excited that there are like 2979 “starring” characters that we have to get to know and maybe find connection with and see maybe how they came to be and then also watch them meet-cute and then band together and then start up a love triangle and then feel threatened as a team and maybe turn on one another and probs disobey authorities or all the authorities and then things blow up and then there’s like last minute escapes and hijinks and then when they’re at their most disloyal something happens and then they come together ultimately to show that despite being horrible moral-less villains (that most people in the audience will never have heard of before this film) that they’re stronger when they’re together and that sometimes doing less terrible things for the sake of the greater good doesn’t mean you have to be good yourself… like, I kind of fully expect to see Jared for about maybe 30 minutes total of screentime. Cause you know they’re not gonna make this film longer than 2hours 20mins.

He is the film’s main draw at this point – at least buzz-wise – so who knows, but we do know that really, this isn’t his film. I mean, even Ayer has pointed out that the Joker isn’t technically even on the Skwad. So. There’s that.

Which brings me to the marketing.

Clearly, part of the reason why Jared was courted for the role is because the last time most of America (& the world) saw him he was looking like Jesus


while winning (well-deserved) awards for looking like this:


And if there’s anything America likes – it’s fucking transformations before our eyes. Like magic. If we could watch magic shows all day, erry day, we’d be in fucking heaven.

Besides. Producers and directors knew if anyone would be willing to take on such an iconic character for an expectedly ginormous blockbuster – a character who last time most of the world saw was winning its actor a posthumous Oscar – it would be Jared. Cause that man, despite what most people like to imagine, doesn’t really give a fuck what you think. And he likes pushing all the buttons.

So, despite not really being on the Skwad, and appearing to be off-set more than on-set, I’m guessing his part isn’t major. But it’s being marketed as such. Which is troubling in that mass-culture people are going to go into it expecting to be constantly wowed by his presence and instead see a guy who looks like  croc and some other white guys who do things and stuff. And the big elephant in the room is that now a-days it’s just very hard to market a Will Smith movie. And while Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be the number one Halloween look this year for women (and likely even more-so next year) – she isn’t able to sell a movie on her own. Not yet. Fuck, the movie she starred in with Will Smith, released this year, Focus, in which they play con artists conning each other and falling in love (or fuck?) bombed immediately due to the lack of chemistry between them onscreen – as well as other issues. (I mean, I dunno if it was even about con artists because honestly, I couldn’t even make it through a preview.) And they’re two of the top names attached to this film. AND they’re stuck in love triangle with Jared. (Side note: snooze.) So obvs, marketing is keying in on Jared the Joker, as is their likely safest bet in generating the most talk – however – is it good talk? Is it talk they really want circulating their film?

Clearly Ayer and whoever was involved in the character design took some (depending on who you talk to) major liberties with The Joker’s look for his Suicide Squad. I’m all for it – fuck tradition. But – I’m also a person who enjoys Jared Leto’s work and existence and doesn’t really care about the comic book scene. And likes hardcore rap and white men with tats and the unconventional. And maybe meth. I’m in the minority here. And based on the reactions online – most of what I’m seeing, outside the ever-excitable, positive-reaction-only comic book blogs and positive-reaction-only-letofans – like from some of the most-critical-thinking and respected film news writers and pop-culture documentarians, the overall reaction is not looking so hot (which is bonkers because its the opposite of Jared’s Joker – which is so fucking hot).

Listen, we have nearly 10 months to go – that’s basically the gestation period for a human baby. So before Jarè finally gives birth out of his prick-hole to the Joker on cinema screens worldwide…. the Skwad / DC / WB marketing team needs to kinda calm the fuck down. Take a breather. Just for a bit. 

I just don’t want to live in a world burned-out on Jared the Joker before it’s even 2016. 


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