Jared Leto to Appear at Los Cabos Film Festival Opening Gala, Nov. 11

Los Cabos International Film Festival confirms the attendance of Academy Award winning actor, producer, director, singer/songwriter, and activist, Jared Leto to the Festival’s Opening Night Gala on November 11th.

During the gala evening Quebecois writer and director Jean-Marc Vallée, will be honored with this year’s Tribute and his latest film ‘Demolition’ will have its Latin American premiere.

For Los Cabos Film Festival it was very important that the Tribute to Vallée is presented to him by a close friend and colleague. Jared Leto and Jean-Marc Vallée worked together in the acclaimed film Dallas Buyers Club (presented as the Festival’s 2013 Closing Night Gala), which earned Jared Leto an Oscar, a SAG Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Role, among other awards and recognitions.

Leto, an accomplished musician turned actor, has performed several challenging characters in films such as: Requiem For a Dream, Mr. Nobody, Chapter 27, Artifact, and next year’s Suicide Squad as The Joker, among others.

The Festival welcomes these two key figures of the contemporary film industry as honored guests for the Opening Night Gala that will start the celebration of cinema that will be the 2015 edition of Los Cabos Film Festival.

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Ohhhhhh I wonder why Jakey Gylls won’t be there?? He is starring in Demolition….

We coulda had a HIGHWAY reunion on top of a DALLAS BUYERS CLUB reunion.


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