Jared Leto at the LACMA Art+Film Gala on November 7, 2015 🙂

That letobooty will not be ignored.

Also, can we give some major snaps to whomever on team Gucci fitted that suit coat for Jared? Because dayaaaamn that jacket on him was worthy of an Oscar.

Like realtalk, I had just gotten out of “Spectre” when these pics broke and I had just watched about 2.5 hrs of Daniel Craig basically sewn into the most-gorge suits and it was literally so distracting how amazing those suits were fitted on him like, I may have audibly made noises when he appeared on screen looking majorly beyond – and so like, then peeping these LACMA pics of Jared you’d think I’d be like: omfg, after Bond, James Bond?? NO comparison! – but actually? Pretty damn close.


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