Jared Leto – Myspace – 2009

“stealing” pics from jaredleto.org, pimping himself in GQ Italia, and blogging

…‘cause sometimes ya just gotta vent.

Jared Leto was so cute when he was doing all of it himself… Trying so hard.

Do you know what rumors he was referring to?


ok! magazine was being that jealous bitch in high school who couldn’t have Jared and decided that instead of moving on and working on herself, decided to do whatever she could to take him down. make everyone dislike him and question his motives for fun.

ok! started a bitter rumor that Jare was “hitting on” Scarlett that night – who had recently married Ryan Reynolds. Per that rude, lying bitch, OK!:

There’s nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting  — or is there?Jared Leto certainly didn’t seem to think so at Sunday night’s Golden Globes bash at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, where he made a quick bee-line for his newly married ex-girlfriend Scarlett Johansson!

A fellow party-goer tells OK! that Leto, “spent most of the evening hitting on Scarlett Johansson, who certainly didn’t seem to mind.”

ugh. obvs jared was guilty of wanting to wish his friend congratulations on her marriage – nothing more, nothing less. i highly doubt he’d be hitting on a recently married woman, a woman who had one of the most gossiped about engagements and marriage, for hours. in public. surrounded by media.

i hate that he was so upset by that gossip that he felt he had to address it (on myspaceaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww); i hate that it called into question his intentions. like, just because he and her had a thing 5 years prior, he couldn’t ever congratulate or talk to her, at an event, without it being seen as lewd or devious?

it’s kind of fitting this whole story is coming back, thanks @bartmanfredi​ (i’m beginning to suspect you are clairvoyant), on a night where within a couple hours we suddenly had people linking Jared to Joel Kinnaman’s little sister based on a few seconds of him saying hi on a sidewalk, caught on camera and had VK running around Glamour Mag’s The Women of the Year Awards, trying to photobomb pictures of Jeremy Scott (shamelessly flirting) with Jared “Fuck-Me-Eyes set to Stun”-Leto.

jared and scarjo have a history. we know this. so did the media.
if anything, they coupled (tho he never confirmed it, nor did she) for a bit, and probably realized they were far better as pals than as anything more. same with cameron.
so what’s a better story?
him approaching her to say hello and congratulations on your wedding?
or, him approaching her and trying to talk the beautiful newlywed into leaving with him that night? obvs the media felt scandal was better than truth.

even more interesting is the fact that the pics of them at the 2012 Democratic National Convention were going around today too on the interwebz. funny thing is, i remember both of their publicists quickly making a statement stressing the fact that they had no idea the other would be there that night, and were simply friends catching up.

yes, their body language was  intimate – but she was in a public, long-term relationship at the time, which she went back to the very next day. so. if she felt what she was doing with Jared that night was at a level that was inappropriate, why do it so casually in front of a stadium full of people and hundreds of news organizations and cameras, and millions of people watching at home. cause, like, they were in the celebrity section. celebs who were all obvs going to be filmed at some point.

there is an intimacy here that is swoonworthy.
howevs, to me, it also looks like two people who are just comfortable with one another.


and like, i have to believe, that if either of them felt their touching that night was something more than just being supportive and comforting (she had just finished a pretty fantastic speech in front of millions of people) i honestly believe they would never have been this open about it. not when she was with someone and he is as possessive as he is over his privacy.



most of the pics of them being adorbs together that night – homegirl’s body language is way more masculine than his. and i love it.
like….get it scarjo.
and by it, i mean, that itch.


like, does this not look like two besties just having a moment after maybe years of not-talking and maybe they’re just reminiscing? catching up?


i always found their relationship/friendship utterly interesting.

sort of because they suddenly began appearing with one another just as the post-Alexander gay rumors were bubbling up for him. and she’d been kind of drifting between boys much older than her (Jude Law, Benicio Del Toro, Patrick Wilson), and her career was blowing up.

and sort of because the (very staged) pics of one of their first date nights out rocked my world. i remember seeing their gorgeous image together everywhere, thinking there will literally be nothing better than these two, together.


it was my girlcrush and my boycrush together OMFGWTFHAVEBABIESNOAW.

then i saw a this:


clearly she was always into him way more in a certain way than he ever was into her. and she’s basically perfection.

and clearly, he’s always felt very protective and enamored with her – in a way that always seemed beyond her bombshell body.
i mean, she’s super-witty, talented, funny, smart, unafraid of being awkward.

and clearly, whatever ultimately dissolved between them ended amicably – in that they were able to hold hands and selfie like they mean it – 8 years later.


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