via Collider

While I totally see the reasoning behind going PG-13, and yes, PG-13 can mean intense and good (“The Dark Knight” for one) it does instantly mean language control, no blood or gore, and sexual situations, spoken or seen, are limited or if included, definitely more chaste.

It makes me wonder exactly how much of Harley & The Joker’s fuckery will actually be able to be shown. And how much of it will simply be implied.

For a couple who’s as dementedly dark and abusive, emotionally & physically, and intensely sexual, it’ll be hard to get all that across when you know it’s been edited to be appropriate for a a child as long as they’re with a parent. And totally fine for a 13 year old and their gaggle of pals…

I say “edited” because I want to believe that maybe they filmed without that PG-13 hanging over their heads so we can expect a director’s cut or “unedited” DVD release – but something tells me they may have gone into the production well aware of what could and couldn’t be done.

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