what a pleasure it was watching them backtrack.

Neon Trees would later actually go on record about how their experience with Mars on tour for the TIW touring cycle was very different (read: a lot nicer) than all of these past reports of Mars being tour jerks.

i too know of a band (well, mainly the main dude) who toured with mars at one point. we had became galpals in nyc like a decade ago. he had also been the one to introduce me to gaga before she was gaga cause they ran in the same lower east side circles… anyways.

jared really liked him immediately and wanted him on the tour despite their sound and fans being nothing like mars’ (at that time especially). i thought it was bonkers. more so because we used to call him the blonde jared leto – cause they have similarly striking features.

but they got close then and for a long time and he has never had a bad thing to say about jare. swoon.


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