THANK FUCKING GODDDDDD HE FINALLY PUT THIS SHIT TO BED. (And not literally, cause yea, I have to agree with Jared on his expert assessment of that peen…)

How anyone could think that was/is Jared never made sense to me.

“What do you peen?”
1) that d belongs to Frank “Speedy” Lopera – a NYC boy who spent his days skateboarding and perfecting his swagger.

2) Terry Richardson shot Speedy in his studio when he was 17 – which is the legal age of consent in NYC.

3) the dickpic was published in Richardson’s 2004 book, “TerryWorld”.

4) Speedy claimed he was unaware Richardson would publish the photos (which, come the fuck on – this is TRich we’re talking about) and sued Richardson in 2005 for an undisclosed amount of money. It was settled out of court in 2006.


I’ve always resisted responding to this one. *lol*

End of the lawsuit, but not quite the end of the useful info – in New York you can sign a contract with someone under the age of eighteen (majority) for services like being an athlete, actor, musician, but unless you have that contract approved by a court, the individual can get out of it when they turn eighteen by claiming they were underage when they signed it. How much do you wanna bet Terry’s model release practices didn’t include court approval?  

i dont get it why would anyone believe thats jared like look at his hands its obvious its not him

Yes, and like? Just look at Jared’s aesthetic.

That man is far too pretty and takes far too good care of himself – to ever allow his dick go to such disarray.


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