Remember when…? It’s been 86 weeks but I still think it’s epic. [x]

love this

Even more amazing was hearing Jared talk about making their art pieces with Damien during m&g in Puerto Rico, Oct 2014.

He was glowing, reminiscing about getting a chance to make art with one of his favorite artists, how he has been into Damien since always – but the focus of the story was primarily on Shannon’s shark. And how awesome it turned out. How cool it looked. Shannon was pretty much silent, as Shannon tends to be.

Someone, seated on the air conditioned linoleum, huddled within the mass of us there at their feet spoke out, “what did you make, Jared?”

And he kinda chuckled, in his breathy kind of way and looked down at the table and kinda couldn’t look at anyone for a second longer than felt easy. He looked up toward the ceiling, painted over piping and wires, and shaking his head, that forced kind of grin, mumbled, “I dunno, like some kind of butterfly or something.”

And then he waved his hand – shoo’ing the convo away.

And it was simultaneously the most-adorable and most-heartbreaking moment; to watch him be immediately embarrassed by something he did, by some moment, an experience that obviously meant something incredibly personal to him. At a level that he was incredibly self-conscious about. Like sharing that was tremendously difficult to do. When here is such an insanely amazing experience, a dream you got to live out – you’d think he would never shut up about it – it had to have been that fulfilling. And yet here he was: only excited to share about Shannon’s shark.

It was really strange to see him actually have that moment in front of all of us.

It felt incredibly intrusive to watch him dismiss his art piece – as if like even in his mind – clearly, sharks are an OK thing for men to paint.

Butterflies are very much another.
Even when done beside, in collaboration with, one of your favorite artists whom you’ve admired for forever.

Like, I dunno.
It made me immediately think of Rayon.
And how at the point of her passing, Ron is down in Mexico at the lab where the doctor is working tirelessly on a cure for the same disease taking the life of Ron’s closest friend at that very moment – and he walks into that storage room, and there are thousands of new monarch butterflies floating around him. Recently shed of their cocoon – of their former lives. They had transitioned, completely.

Maybe Jared’s butterfly was an ode to Rayon. Maybe it was at Damien’s suggestion. Maybe it meant something else, entirely to Jared that we’ll never truly know.

I so want to see his butterfly tho.


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