To never forget – Same place, same city, same youth, 6 months before the carnage that devasted my country and its most beautiful ideals. Together, we will continue to live, love, go outside, creating, traveling, reading, listening, speaking, hang out at night, to be free of our choice and our lives. Together, we will perpetuate what makes us women, men, and people of all kinds and of all stripes who prefer light against violence, dialogue against obscurantism, animated discussions against absolute dogma. For a more tolerant world. Because the hardest part, is ALWAYS the day after. I’ve lost two persons in this tragedy, but it will never change my way of thinking. The clash of civilizations depends to the clash of ignorance. 

Thirty Seconds To Mars – BATACLAN – 2015, May 8th. 

This. All of this.

My heart and thoughts go out to you @holyfuckinshitleto – and all the persons of Paris and beyond – touched by this tragedy.

Life will never be the same – but, it will still be.

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