His words have legit made me so hard.  

I love when he sticks up for himself. And does it so eloquently and beautifully.

This is War, indeed.

On a further note you could simply try and choose your “friends” more wisely.

This isn’t about friends @bloodymary1507.
This is being reported as a videographer that Sisyphus hired to, I’m assuming, document the making of the new album.

Perhaps they should have asked during one of the interviews: “now, after you film footage of Jared – on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "how dare you, I would never!” and 10 being “gimme all your monies, Harvey Levin!” are you likely to sell that footage around to Professional Celeb Gossip Shitstirring platforms such as TMZ or X17?“

Unfortunately it’s truly hard to screen someone for shady secret source shit like this. That’s why it is amazing some celebs are so welcoming when most are paranoid as fuck.

I’ve determined long ago that Jared is the type of person who really wants to believe the best in another person. Sometimes (a lot of the times) to his disservice.


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