well… this is a terrible picture, but it’s what I could find

looks like on the pink cover version of TIW deluxe edition they show on, the track listing reads –


I have a blue cover version and it reads – BONUS TRACKS: HURRICANE FEAT. KANYE WEST …

hence, our confusion


forgot about this, thanks

Hurricane 2.0, the single

As a forreal, unabashed Ye fan, his verse & input on “Hurricane”………………… so awful. Like, really, really awful.

For a collaboration containing both of my baes – that song should make my heart implode. And yet I cannot listen to it.

I dunno what Ye was doin, but he was not bringing it that day.

I’d love to hear them collaborate again. Their sounds have both changed so much that it would be so exciting to see what they could do together now. Ye has evolved to basically be the Bjork of hiphop and we know how much Jared loves her. Anyways, pipedreams.

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