Jared Leto posing for the new Carrera campaign in Los Angeles (January 14, 2016) 🔥🔥🔥

how can I get this job? jfc

I mean, if that was my job, being Jared’s Maid of (Flannel) Honor, I’d be fucking it up all the time…

“Ohhhh oh oh ok, you want me to make sure it’s pulled *down*? To hide your voluptuous backside? Ok I think I’ve got this now, sorry….. Just, to confirm – you *don’t* want it pulled *up*? Showcasing your perfect ass?? That is *not* something you want. Right now. Ok, no, no, I’ve got it now. I’ve…. Gotttttttt ittttttttttttt.” (Flips shirt up.)


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