Someone needs to funk around with this image and change contrasts and shadows just to read the text behind the Bart art…please? [x]

Hahahahah I’m already on it @marsweareechelon ; )

You can already see a watermark running thru it that I’m *pretty* certain says: DO NOT PHOTOCOPY

However yet to see anything that says: DO NOT BARTART AND THEN TWEET


It’s a menu. Lol.

“Mushroom Nut Roast(?)”



“Moroccan Tagine with Steamed Rice”

vegetables with ginger, paprika, cumin, saffron & prunes (something)


(In a) signature red sauce


(Something) spicy red sauce

…..I’m literally lol’ing at how something with the prospect of being so exciting is so so so the opposite of exciting, and yet, it makes everything that much better. @marsweareechelon


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