Ok. I’m just going to have to assume this is your first day online and experiencing social media – if you think what I say “to” Jared is “disgusting”.

Visit the #JaredLeto tag on Instagram and see how many posts have him directly tagged and how many of them are absolutely terrifying & absurd.

Spend some time looking in his tweet replies. Or search his twittername. See how many of them involve quite direct requests to be fisted or fucked or fingered.

I know because I took screenshots of most of the responses I was inadvertently tagged on after one of the dozens of retweets or replies I’ve gotten from Jared.

I suppose it doesn’t help your theory to let you know that he’s liked my Instagram posts too. Or, I guess I should say was so offended by my Instagram posts he *accidentally* ❤️’ed em? He was actually so disgusted by my IGs that he even liked one from his Tumblr when my IGs would auto-post to my non-Leto Tumblr.

Oh but don’t you worry your nun’ness about La-Leto. He and Mars reblogged this travesty of a blog too. Once, oh this should tickle you, I mean, it was a fairly graphic gif set of Jared slowly jerking off his guitar during the LLFD show in Vegas in 2014. Mars reblogged that one but I guess Jared stopped clutching his pearls over my disgustingness just long enough to “like” that one too. Followed by what I can only assume was an exceptionally long and very scalding shower to wash off my filth.

Oh, when he had a tumblr… the good ol’ days.

Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop fucking around and being a sillybilly. For an example, please see: most adult people who are the best and killing it at life.

And thankleto I’m of sound mind enuff to tell you just have issues with needing to have issues and thankleto pt 2: I *am* a grown woman – which means I know I don’t have to spend a moment worrying about what you think and can tell you you’re 100% free to fuckoff.

In the wise words of Jared Leto as The Everlasting Goddess of Gorgeousness, Rayon: Too-da-loo.


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