I may not be about the official nightmarefuel action figure of The Joker cause its (YES IMMA CALL IT AN IT) face is terrifyingly reminiscent of what I imagine Jared’s super-distant cousins in the Appalachian mountains look like (whilst cooking their meth) but I WANT ALL* OF THESE FUNKO POP!s, RIGHT MEOW.

I can’t help it. The perpetual-Gwen Stefani in me is all about Kawaii-shit. (It’s what happens when you’ve been bleaching your hair since the age of 14.)

Images have since been removed from the site but if you’re interested…

via comicbookmovie.com

*to clarify, by “ALL OF THESE” I mean just The Joker cause duh. This place ain’t called La-KillerCroc.tumblr.com, mmm’ok?


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