Like tonite was fun & all but Jared’s snaps on his way into the Oscars, disturbing & clearly upsetting to him – says so much about the work that still needs to be done. Even in liberal Hollywood.

This is not ok. Nor is this new. And this is the reason why so many actors remain closeted. Because while we like to imagine Hollywood is relaxed and free – they’re making films for most of America and the world – who still feel the same way as these street corner-fuckers and their signs. This pure, disgusting hate still exists because we allow it to – when it is something we should not stand for nor accept.

Let love win. In every aspect of your life.
And promote love, every form of it, within the lives of people around you, your family, friends, coworkers, strangers; your community, city, country.

Every bit helps and hopefully enough of it out there will help suffocate this shit and maybe one day we will find that it has changed minds.

Jared Leto: Gucci Snapchat // 2/28/16


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