104.5 Philly radio interview with Jared Leto – February 2011

Bonus track, Jared’s choice:

“It’s a song when I was a kid I actually really liked, but of course I couldn’t admit it…um, because everything else in my record collection was Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Doors, The Who… Little did I know the implications, lyrically, what was going on. I had no idea, that’s how innocent I was.

This is Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ‘Relax’.”

Hit with Innocentleto’s 19 yr old beauty blast from the Philly-past has reminded me of 3 very important things:

1) The 80s/90s may have given us some of the worst fashion moments (that also refuse to die) but it also gave us some of the best fucking music ever. To come to.

2) Gimme that ginormous Chanel Medallion, King Britt. 

3) Jared’s hair’s natural wave, like his booty,  should have its fullness enjoyed to its fullest.

Oh and:



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