Like, I need La Leto to basically do his Lady Gaga impression all the GD time because there is nothing more perfect in this world than his MaeWest-ish Southern Belle Lady Gaga.

“Hey Ya’all! Rrrawr!”

Like? After all this Mother Monster / Low-Profile Daddy’ing going on on this tumblr I need to reblog this. 

Realtalk. I basically physically keep myself from reblogging this every day because that’s psychotic but like, these few seconds give  me reason to exist?

Jared’s  Lady Gaga is so profoundly bizarre that I want him to star in Todd Haynes’ film about her life starring 8 different people, none of which are Lady Gaga and all of which are Jared Leto and Cate Blanchett in various wigs and mustachios.


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