(tales from the vault — 2005)

[fan review]: “…He came out when Chevelle was singing “The Red” and started prancing around. Got down on his knees and sang to Pete, then proceded to kiss him. It was pretty amazing. I caught him after he took off his little mesh shirt-like thing and was waving it around…”

*adds details*

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He kissed Pete?!?? Oh why wasn’t I there for this?! lol

By the time they got to Florida on August 9th, Jared had ‘upped his game’ apparently.” OMFG!

OK so anyone who isn’t Echelon isn’t going to understand this but I just started fucking crying. That was my very first 30 Seconds to Mars show. This tale is from that show. That moment I first saw them, first discovered them, first fell in love! I remember I was already so captivated and then they said they “just wrote something for us on the bus” and Tomo started with the guitar part and I instantly recognized it as one of my favorite Chevelle songs. I could not take my eyes off of Tomo’s fingers (Tomo was right in front of me, by the way. I was lucky enough to be in the FIRST row for this amazing show)

I just…I can’t. The memories.


because these days we are all crying #sorrylatereply

I just came.


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