Well, that turned into a complete shitshow. A few tidbits:

  1. Those tins sitting in front of Leto and Friends? From Cafe Habana, where we caught lunch and shot before moving to Gitane. Terry Richardson took issue with this.
  2. Terry Richardson being there: not planned. He was having lunch, and I had to apologize profusely for ruining it with Leto, the photog, makeup, wardrobe, myself, publicists, onlookers, and paparazzi on the scene. He also followed us to our next location (also: unplanned, he was going to get a cup of coffee and a pastry after lunch). He was nice.
  3. Moby walking by: also unplanned. But this is the shot that made it everywhere, strangely. This encounter lasted no longer than two minutes. If that.
  4. So, I kind of have this weekend gig. And the weekend gig involves a website that often works with real-time celebrity sightings. Like this one:

Just saw Jared Leto outside of Cafe Habana in Soho wearing sunglasses on a clearly overcast day. With a posse of blonde model girls.

This is strange for a number of reasons, but mostly: (1) I got the listing on my phone while it was happening on my weekend job’s email address, where all these tips go in. Which means someone around me, probably no more than five feet from me, sent it in, and (2) there were no blonde model girls, unless someone’s cockeyed enough to mistake a bunch of magazine people – pasty, don’t get enough sun, skittering about neurotically – for “a posse of blonde model girls.” So, alas, the sighting was 50% bullshit. And that’s how your gossip sausage is made!

But…..but……isn’t he always surrounded by blonde models?

If a Jared Leto is out and spotted without a model, did the Jared Leto actually go out?

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