jared leto

I love seeing the fine lines around his eyes in close ups. They almost reveal his age, along with the gray strands in his beard. None the less, he’s forever young with his great looks, the twinkle of mischief in his eyes and his healthy physique. Still he jokes about getting old, complaining about pain in his joints. That’s probably related to his gout. Either way, I admire this man. He is a beautiful man, inside and out ❤️

I agree! 💗 I love the pictures where he looks real. You can see his skin, tiny wrinkles, his little pores and imperfections. He doesn’t have perfect skin and he doesn’t look like he’s 20. Definitely younger than 44 but still… I roll my eyes at the pics that are airbrushed to perfection. He’s a 44 year old guy with flaws just like everyone and I love him that way!! 🔥💕

he has the most-beautiful smile lines.
those, in and of themselves, are such happy wrinkles.


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