I would like to report that Jared arrived at the MTV Movie Awards over three hours late, and went to sit in his seat with Shayla and Emma after wandering past Will Smith and Cara Delevingne with not an ounce of recognition. He then borrowed Shayla’s chapstick and seductively applied it to his face. On the subject of his face, he looks about 20 years old.

[this is what I meant by Jared not acknowledging them]

Yes, and honestly?
There were a lot of people and I’m sure it was loud and it seems overall so chaotic. So it’s likely he just got overwhelmed and didn’t spot them. Also? Popcorn was in the vicinity and I’m sure that place was reeking of it, so you know Jarebear was salivating. And had his mind on his popcorn and his popcorn on his mind.

Tho, I do think Cara threw some shade at the end there…

To which I say:



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