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Jared Leto has rounded out cast of Alcon’s “Blade Runner” sequel.

The pic stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Details of Leto’s character are being kept under wraps.

Robin Wright
and Mackenzie Davis also star in the film directed by “Sicario”
helmer Denis Villeneuve. Villeneuve will reunite with cinematographer
Roger Deakins on the project.

Full plot details of the sequel, written by Hampton Fancher and
Michael Green, have not yet been revealed, other than the fact that it’s
set several decades after the original. The 1982 “Blade Runner” was
written by Fancher and David Peoples, based on Philip K. Dick’s novel
“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.”

The movie hits theaters on Oct. 6, 2017. Warner Bros. will distribute the film domestically, while Sony distributes internationally.

Alcon Entertainment acquired the film, television and ancillary
franchise rights to “Blade Runner” in 2011 from the late producer Bud
Yorkin and Cynthia Sikes Yorkin to produce prequels and sequels to the
iconic sci-fi thriller. Cynthia Sikes Yorkin will produce along with
Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. Bud Yorkin will receive a producer

Ridley Scott, who directed the original, will executive produce.
Thunderbird Films CEOs Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble will also executive
produce along with Bill Carraro.

Leto, who is repped by CAA and Untitled Entertainment, was most recently seen as the Joker in Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad.”

// via Variety

This is literally so epic I’m not even lowkey losing my goddman mind. It’s LOST.

Talk about a fanboy finally getting the chance to live out his fanboy dreams…

Blade Runner (1982) has always been a massive touching point of influence for Jared – its vibes and vision have run throughout Mars’ own creations (from the 2nd Street Tunnel making an appearance in Kings & Queens; Jared’s Pris-esque makeup in the mid-aughts; his numerous allusions in lyrics and quotes; even wanting to watch Blade Runner with us during a VyRT movie night).

It’s almost impossible to separate Blade Runner from Mars – the impact is so palpable.

Personally, this shit has got me so jazzed for a multitude of reasons.
I’m a filmnerd, and Blade Runner, as it is for most filmnerds, is one of my favorite films. Based on aesthetics alone, it’s simply and effortlessly iconic. When I heard a “sequel” was being done – the saving grace of it was knowing it was being helmed by director Denis Villeneuve, who happens to be one of my favorite contemporary directors and one of the most-talented currently working in Hollywood right now. Without a doubt. I feel like if anyone in this game can do a “sequel” to such an incredible film justice – it’s him.

I had sneaked into a screening of his short film, “Next Floor” (2008) at a film festival I was working back in 2008 – it was surreal and disarming and bizarre and actually hilarious and super-insightful – and so achingly keyed-up on aesthetics that it was hypnotizing. I tried to keep up with his work afterwards but it wasn’t the easiest since Hollywood hadn’t really caught onto him yet. When Prisoners (2013) came out and it brought his precise and intense direction, and incredible performances from Hugh Jackman, Paul Dano, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, and of course Jake Gyllenhaal to the forefront – I was like YES. SHOW THEM WHAT YOU’RE WORKING WITH, VILLENEUVE.

Then there was the little-seen, but must-see film, Enemy (2013) also starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Not a film for everyone, by any means, but again so impressive and intriguing, I highly recommend it if you can find it.

Then, Sicario (2015), which, remains one of my favorite films of 2015, a year in which the films that were released were so incredibly good. This chilling and brutal expose on the war on drugs along the US/Mexico border was almost too gorgeously directed and so powerfully acted – it absorbed you, completely. I remember walking out into the late-afternoon sun, shaking from everything I’d just been put through. It wasn’t just a film, it was an experience. And probably one of the last times I remember leaving a movie actually feeling something following the final credits. I was devastated Benicio Del Toro didn’t win anything for his performance as Alejandro. His work in Sicario is so incredible it needs to be studied.

Throw in Roger Deakins’ continued killing-it cinematography (Sicario, Prisoners with Villeneuve and basically too many incredible films to list here, like the man is a living legend, like IMDB him now) and this Blade Runner “sequel” is going to be so incredibly lit I need October 2017 to happen ASAP.

When Jared went up and collected that Oscar in 2014 – *this* is exactly the type of project I pictured him finally having opportunities and offers to work on. Literally fangirling so hard right now.




@la-leto i couldnt find the interview where jared speaks about the batman underwear, do you have a link?

hehehe, it was on E! on the TV (so far I’ve not been able to find an extended clip myself) – like 2 seconds long (when it should’ve been like an hour and a half, okkkurrrrrr?).

Kaz37000 captured it on film… bless her so much:


Marc Malkin: Now tell me about your gold underwear –

Jared: They had to cut that scene out because it’s PG-13.


Jared: Ahhh, there was a little bit more than that…


sorry i’m just responding @batsybatboy!!


one good thing that can come out of comicbook blogs now stalking a sadgirl’s tumblr is the discussion can finally shift to what it should be focused on:
jared’s gold batman undies:

so glad to be of service,

but let’s be honest. this is all letostyle at work, here.



Beautiful and brave Hephaestion

(I don’t think Jared has ever been more beautiful)

Accurate af.

I’d also like to suggest that he’s never been more sensual on film either, than when he was Hephaistion.

It was like every move he made, every look he gave, was so saturated in sex. Pure sex.

Yesss hunni yasssss