Sharks are sharks. Humans are not sharks.You don’t swim with sharks unless you accidentally swim with sharks, okay? 


Daddy af.
Jared doin his fave new thing: a standup routine reminding us he’s old.

It’s so true. Even tho I go like multiple times a week, I’m still shocked at movie ticket prices. Every time I pay I’m all: “whaaaaat? This is just madness. I remember when a matinee ticket was $4.50…”

remember Jared being uber-motherly and so concerned over our sun exposure he had the crew move 20 umbrellas around to give us some shade in the L490 field during his talk? and then requested they pass out water and popsicles and adjust his fan so it pointed out to us? he was really worried. it was really cute.

Me // camp mars // 8/12/16

….tho we never did get those popsicles.