Daddy af.
Jared doin his fave new thing: a standup routine reminding us he’s old.

It’s so true. Even tho I go like multiple times a week, I’m still shocked at movie ticket prices. Every time I pay I’m all: “whaaaaat? This is just madness. I remember when a matinee ticket was $4.50…”

Jared actin like that hip pop ain’t his default pose. Also workin in a reference to his fave film* series. And apparently casting Shannon in it.

“Notice how I did not say the word: penis…?”
– Jared Leto, Oscar Winner

Camp Mars // Welcomes // 8/12/16

*no, but for reals. I’ve legit heard him discuss Magic Mike at least 6 times on 6 separate real-life instances and at least 4 times on television.